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MUST SEE NOW! Entire Khodam Legion waiting to grant Your Every Wish

MUST SEE NOW! Entire Khodam Legion waiting to grant Your Every Wish
MUST SEE NOW! Entire Khodam Legion waiting to grant Your Every Wish
MUST SEE NOW! Entire Khodam Legion waiting to grant Your Every Wish

MUST SEE NOW! Entire Khodam Legion waiting to grant Your Every Wish

Entire Khodam Legion waiting to grant Your Every Wish! Give me 5 minutes of your time and I will give you the secret to a whole new life. Spend just 15 minutes of your time now and you will discover how to achieve your ultimate desires. Do this now and you will have a lifetime of pure unadulterated perfection - your paradise here on Earth. With the Omnipotent and Universal power of the Khodam!

Great Sorcerers, Warlocks, Druids, Knight's Templars etc. In the past all possessed Khodams. It is possible to invoke the energies of these Khodams who served these great magickal persons or to even persuade them to become your magickal companion.

These Great and ancient sorcerers of the past leave behind magickal energies infusing their physical remains and possessions and even in their Khodams. Acquiring these energies WILL increase your powers. Just imagine - one Khodam possesses ultimate, phenomenal energy, so much so that they are a necessity for the Great Magickal Ancients of our time - what if YOU could possess an entire legion of Khodam?

Today is YOUR chance to be truly blessed with the phenomenal might of the Khodam Nation. Bound within a specially commissioned reliquary, bearing the secret ancient Mantra of the Khodam, is a King, Queen and their entire empire of Khodam Entities.

The power within this relic is so phenomenal that it literally pulsates when you hold it in your hand. It constantly physically vibrates with the amount of energy within and is continuously warm to the touch due to the omnipotent magickal strength it contains. The art of summoning a Khodam involves a long and complex ritual with the mantras often having to be repeated thousands of times, fasting being a necessity in a majority of the specific rituals and the use of a servant or second person is frequently required. This artefact has been empowered with ALL of the Mantras that you will need to access the full power of the Khodam without having to repeat them yourself. It will also allow you to perform the rituals alone and without fasting.

What ever problem you have, or if you just need some extra power for your magickal workings, you will receive the full unlimited power of a whole legion of Khodam, ready to fulfil your every need. There has been a total of 333 spells cast over this specifically hand-crafted relic by the most powerful 6 Convenires in the World.

As the Master of the Empire of Khodam, you will receive a universal multitude of powers. Below is just a miniscule portion of what you will receive.

The power to charge and consecrate objects without the use of any media whatsoever such as water, flowers, incense, etc. The ability to acquire information from someone without the need of meeting them face to face; this is done by invoking the person magickally and attuning with their mind.

The ability to detect an area whether there is hidden treasure or sacred objects buried and the action to be taken in order to retrieve them. The power to automatically exercise self-defensive techniques.

The ability to conjure various kinds of spirits and to communicate with them. The ability to move spirits or power associated with a sacred object to other media. The ability to exercise the "distant punch" -that is, the ability to hit an aggressor without physical contact. One simply goes through the motions of hitting; the Khodam would simultaneously exert a force that would topple the aggressor. The ability to acquire information or knowledge on the magickal arts. The development of clairvoyance and telepathy. The ability to assist the healing process of those suffering physical ailments.

You will be directed intuitively by your Khodams as to the method or technique you need to perform to fulfil your wish or desire and will also be able to communicate telepathically with them. After the initial encounter with your Khodam Legion, you will have built a strong, loving and trusting relationship with them and can look forward to a lifetime of frequent communications and discussions. The camaraderie and friendship between you and your Khodams is precious; in any magickal work, your Khodams will assist in creating an extraordinary and powerful result. Invoking the assistance of your Khodams at the beginning of a ritual will add an omnipotent power to its success.

They will help you in your every-day life, often without you physically or mentally requesting it - they are unconditionally attuned with your heart and mind. As if you haven't already seen enough of the phenomenal metaphysical powers you will receive from your Khodam, here is a list of a few more that might interest you. Hunting for fugitives or malefactors. Defensive martial-art reflex-action in the face of physical attack.

Improving and increase the powers already possessed as well as to strengthen your relationship with any other beings you possess. Many other psychic faculties or abilities could unfold as a result. Punching someone from a distance without physical contact. Increased sensitivity in the hands. The ability to charge objects with a high level of power.

The ability to bless with the hands--in healing, in empowerment, in lifting up the spirits of another, etc. The ability to return psychic attacks or black magick to its sender. The ability to build up an efficient psychic shield around another for protection.

As if all this is simply not enough for you!! The bond and the friendship you will gain from being the Master of an entire legion of the earliest creatures to walk this Earth will be phenomenal - you will never look back again. With an Empire of Khodam working for you, you will NEVER want for anything again. You whole life will change from the day you have this ring in your possession. This is GENUINE OMNIPOTENT POWER - nothing can compare to this.

However, I must inform you of just one problem with this item. It is likely to go extremely quickly! An Extraordinary Investment for your Future.
MUST SEE NOW! Entire Khodam Legion waiting to grant Your Every Wish